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Dear friends,

Four years have passed since ARTSTAQ saw the light of day to make the art world more accessible to small investors and emerging artists. Unfortunately, we would like to inform you that this great adventure will end on October 31, 2020, when ARTSTAQ officially closes its activities.

If you are interested in purchasing our digital platform, do not hesitate to contact us at The sale includes all sections of exchange, portfolio management, rating, administration, android applications, including the related SW. The sale will close on April 30, 2021. The biding status:

December 01, 2020 $15,500
December 13,2020 $25,000
January 08, 2021 $32,500
January 24, 2021 $40,000

For downloading data from your own artists' portfolio, data access is available until the end of 2020. If necessary, contact us at

Thank you all again for your support.